Thursday, January 11, 2007

Muktsar and Nithrai killing, similar story?

Nithari is not single incident of the sexual abuse it seems. Now the Nithari ghost loomed large in Muktsar, Punjab too. According to the police, sexual abuse could possibly have been the cause of the killing of four children in Muktsar. The bodies of were found in rice mill that belongs to Jagmeet Brar, a former Congress MP.

Now, the a special investigation team under Muktsar SSP Nageshwar Rao is looking into the case. The forensic experts have been collected blood samples and other data from the bodies on Wednesday.

Most important part of the story is that police has found bloodstains on clothes recovered from the spot. Mong the four bodies, three of the bodies have been identified by their parents. They all were rag pickers and had gone disappeared in last November last.

According to the police, two of the dead, Ratni (13) and Ashqui (10) may have been sexually abused before being strangled to death. Police found their legs and arms tied when they were killed.

The owner of the mill, While Jagmeet Brar, who is currently a member of the Congress’ Working Committee (CWC), has said that he is ready to face enquiry in the kids killing.

On the other hand, the Akali Dal leader, Sukhbir Badal has asked for CBI inquiry into the incident.

Later, in the Muktsar killing story, there is another twist. The police have so far have focussed to ascertain whether there is any relation between the two.

The similar part of the story is that the bodies of children were mutilated and beyond recognition. Muktsar DSP J S Sandhu said that the bodies had turned blackish and however, no bones were disjointed.

There are more similarities found, as the parents were too poor to protest on missing of their children. The police, here also, refused to act on their missing complaints.

Raghbir, a rickshaw-puller said that he had gone to SP sahib second time on November 20 but the local police did not do anything for this.

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