Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nitish Kumar is a dictator, was a dictator, will be a dictator: George Fernandes

The rift between George Fernandes and the Nitish Kumar is growing up day-by-day. George again criticized Nitish by calling him as a ‘dictator’.

Fernandes was in Muzaffarpur to visit his parliamentary constituency. While addressing media people he said that Nitish Kumar is a dictator, he was a dictator and he will be a dictator.

He said it when some journalists asked him whether he is agreed with the chief minister's style of functioning or not. He criticized the way of governance chosen by Bihar government.

Earlier, Fernandes had suffered a embarrassing defeat in the JD-U elections that had happened in 2006 by Sharad Yadav.

George said further;
I am waiting for the right time to open my mouth about the functioning and performance of this government.
First time he had criticized Nitish Kumar during his visit in October. He had claimed that nothing has changed in Bihar despite the party coming to power and that corruption still ruled.

He had rejected the claim of Shushan (good governance) given by Nitish kumar by saying that law and order continued to be a pressing problem in Bihar.

Fernandes had also said that their dreams were fulfilled when the alliance ousted the Lalu-Rabri rule from Bihar. People expected a lot from the change in governance but they have yet to get any relief.

Now, the political drama inside the ruling party is still on and the RJD would certainly take a chance to take advantage from the rift between Fernandes and Nitish.


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