Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Indian Electronic Media, Abdullah In Abhi-Aish Marriage

Aishwarya Bachchan makes 'Bachchan brand' worth Rs 700 crore. Now, the companies are reportedly falling over each other to take the Bachchan family together for their brands. This is what we may call ‘business of marriage and marriage of businesses’. Indian electronic media was the most busy after the members of Bachchan family and Rai family.

Children start their education in India by learning the English alphabets and words started from the alphabets. Generally, they start to learn as ‘A’ for ‘Apple’ and ‘B’ for ‘Boys’.

But the Indian electronic media are on the way to change the system of learning. If they have seen any of the news channel in last 2-3 days, not even the children but their parents will also start the alphabets with ‘A’ for ‘Amitabh’ and ‘B’ for ‘B’ for ‘Bachchans’.

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