Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why India silent on 'illegal' detention of an Indian in Australia

The government of India was almost silent over the ''illegal' 11-day detention of Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef without charge in the connection with the failed terror attack in UK.

India is still silent when Australian Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews announced on Monday that the Indian doctor would be deported to India only after completion of the trial.

Andrews reportedly told media persons Haneef would be deported to India despite the consequences of the result of his trial in connection with the failed UK terror plots.

The government of India should take firm steps to save India's reputation on the global level of battle against terrorism. Indian agencies are also silent on this issue. The worst part of the story is that Indian media has also started 'media trail' against the family members of the accused.



The Kensington Critic said...

Good. If you associate with terrorists, you SHOULD be kicked out of our country. We don't want human shit like him here.

Rigidindian said...

Hey Kensington, I appreciate your love to your country, but man just wait for the investigation to establish that he supported terror group. This is a charge nothing else. Giving SIM card and being a relative of a suspected does not mean that he is a terrorist.

I will support you if investigating agency prove his involvement in the terror plot. No one should support these acts anywhere but just wait for the final decisions...