Thursday, August 2, 2007

India needs journalists like P Sainath, 2007 Magsaysay winner

A Well-known journalist from India, Palagummi Sainath was selected among the seven winners of the Ramon Magsaysay Awards this year. The prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Awards is broadly regarded as Asia’s edition of the Nobel Prize. Palagummi Sainath is selected for the award for his contribution of the adoring reporting about the ground realities India’s rural areas and the poor villagers living in the areas.

Sainath revealed that this is the real misery in India that India’s poorest districts were not poor because of drought, as the government said on many occasions. This has happened because of India’s enduring structural inequalities-in poverty, illiteracy, and caste discrimination.

He blamed the recent economic reforms that favor foreign investment and privatization only. The sweeping changes and the high corruption have led small farmers and landless laborers into increasingly crippling debt-with distressing consequences.


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