Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jimmy...The horrible

A dead girl has been found. The police investigator Rahul Dev tells Jimmy: “ladki ki mutthi main paayi gaaye hain tumhare baal”. As we all know, when a girl’s dead body is unearthed that too with a man’s “baal” in her hand and with his driving license right next to her, the case seems to be pretty clear and shut. The final nail in the coffin is when Jimmy, an automotive engineer (Matlab Simulink guru) during day and DJ (Dancing Joker) at night, confesses to the heinous crime with a “khoon kiya hain maine” that echoes for effect.

The final nail did I say?

Wrong !

The real drama is only just beginning.

Cause in “Jimmy”, by far the year’s best “zero level” movie till now, nothing is as it seems.

As the audience navigates through its twisted and very sophisticated plot, almost every other scene seems to throw up yet another new conundrum.

Why for instance does Jimmy confess to wearing two socks on the same foot?

Why does the breakfast of a man obviously struggling with his weight (i.e. Jimmy) consist of a pile of white bread and two eggs?


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