Saturday, May 31, 2008

Manoj Tiwari stamped!!!

A few months ago, the state of Bihar rejoiced in the achievement of Manoj Tiwari, the great Bhojpuri singer and the host of “Chak De Bacche” (Michael Jackson’s favorite program), for being the first living Indian to be honored with an international stamp from the government of Netherlands.

Greatbong says, "I mean wouldn’t the Economic Times and the Bihar government have done a background check before reporting and felicitating? Evidently not."

He pointed fingers on Economic times report on Manoj Tiwari - "

The Dutch decision to honour Tiwari could also be a way of atoning for the trauma caused to 34,300 Bhojpuri peasants who were shipped out between 1873 and 1916 from western Bihar and eastern UP to work as indentured labour on sugarcane plantations in distant colonies like Surinam.

The trauma of being uprooted resulted in a folk culture called Bidesia, meaning Bhojpuris who left their homeland for ever and could only remember it through Poorvi Lok Sangeet and Ganga Geet — an oral tradition that is kept alive to this day in the songs sung by Tiwari"

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