Sunday, January 7, 2007

British Tourist killed in Maharashtra, still no answer How & Why

The British tourist Stephen Bennett's killing has put Maharashtra has put police in a great suspense. Stephen's dead body was found in Malsai hamlet.

It was the place 130 km from Mumbai, 20 km off the Mumbai-Goa highway. The dead body of Stephen was found here on December 10.

The Indian Police trying hard to find the truth such as why he came to Malsai hamlet and why the locals went hostile against him or is something else behind this story.

One villager
said the it is possible that he was gone mad. He must have hanged himself out of some frustration. This sounds illogical comment as the truth behind his death.

Other villagers too were looking reluctant to say anything in this matter. In the village, there was an eerie silence and no body was ready to tell anything on this matter.

The police officers are not ready to believe on the words of villagers. They said that

how can they say that they know nothing. The corpse was hanging on the hills. The place is five kms away from the village. Without the help of 4-5 people it is impossible to a body to that place, tie a saree around his neck and then hang it on the branches.

On the other hand, Nirmala Ramesh Manae, a eyewitness has been changed his statement given to the police. Now she is saying the same thing that he does not know anything.

She had said earlier that

when she was going out for nature’s call in the morning. She saw Bennet coming towards her. He followed her even to her house and continued to bang on the door. Then her husband and brother-in-law rushed to help and tackled him.

On the basis of her earlier statement, the police have arrested Ramesh, Vithoba, Nathuram Ganpat Mohile and Kashinath Sitaram Morate in the charge of murder.

Police are hunting for two others accused who have been absconded. Still Police is under suspicion that why Bennett had cancelled his Mumbai trip and had got down at Roha Station.

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