Sunday, January 7, 2007

Why stephen killed in India, mother's speculations-1

Maureen Bennett, mother of Stephen Burnett had given the statement before the concerning authority in the connection with the murder of his son.

Statement of Maureen Bennett
14 December 2006

Ref: Stephen James Bennett

Saturday 2nd December 2006

Stephen arrived in Goa around 11.30 on 2nd December. He had arranged to meet up with friends from Coventry who were travelling from another airport on the same day and would meet that evening. The friends, John and Corey were travelling to scatter the ashes of a friend who had died in an accident and would be staying one week. Stephen had planned to stay three weeks. He took about £750 in cash and a TSB credit card. He may have been carrying an Abbey National bank card as well.

Stephen spent the whole of the first day at Baga Beach, where he chatted to many people including friends of John.

John and Corey arrived in Goa about 9 hours later and John drove down to Baga and took Stephen back to his hotel Sodders Renton Manor at Arapora Village. Stephen’s room number was 1001. John hired a land rover and they did a bit of sightseeing until Monday.

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