Sunday, January 7, 2007

Why Stephens killed in India, Mother's speculations-2

Tuesday 6th December

On Monday evening Stephen, John and Corey stayed up late drinking and chatting until approximately four o’clock in the morning. Stephen related all his worries about aids and the ex-girlfriend, but he had already been tested and did not have it. They were all extremely intoxicated and considered they had had a very enjoyable evening. The next morning Stephen checked out of the hotel and went back to find accommodation at Baga Beach. He left a note for John and Corey when he checked out.

It is not known what cheap ‘room’ Stephen booked into at Baga Beach. However something happened that made him suddenly leave this beach without returning to his room and without his passport or money. He did not check out.

The nearest railway station is 55 kilometers, the airport is 50 kilometers, and Panaji is 15 kilometers. The main transport is taxi or bus. Stephen only had small change in his pocket, and no passport. Who paid for his fare by bus or taxi, or was he taken by private car?

Stephen’s concerns about aids was common knowledge, as he had already told me, his brother and all his friends about it. It had also been the subject of conversation with John and Corey in Goa, and no doubt he had broadcast it in the area of Baga Beach.

I knew he had already been to a clinic in Cheltenham and to his doctor, and had been told he did not have either of these diseases. He did not commit suicide for this or for any other reason.

He would not have made up this story about believing he was about to be murdered, to me, his mother. I recognised the real fear and panic in his voice and I had discussed it with my family for several days. We were all very worried. I considered flying out there on Saturday, and regret that I did not.

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