Monday, January 15, 2007

Vajpayee, suffering from spinal arthritis, to sleep on hard mattress now

The BJP's planning for the upcoming Assembly elections can take a dip as its star campaigner Atal Bihari Vajpayee, 82, is reportedly, suffering from osteoarthritis now. He has been advised to go for physiotherapy exercise regularly and suggested by the doctors to sleep on a hard mattress.

At AIIMS, Vajpayee has undergone with an MRI scan on Sunday. After the MRI scan, it is found that he has osteoarthritis. It is an irreversible degeneration of critical joints caused by loss of cartilage.

In the Spinal arthritis, a common cause of back pain in older people, cartilage reduces and bone-ends do not get friction-free movement. Vajpayee has been suffering from an increased number of niggling problems some times back also.

He had a knee-replacement surgery in 2000. The increasing health problems are restricting his movement and may restrict his political movement as well. This is certainly not good news for the BJP leaders.

Vajpayee had a slip disc operation too in 1976 at AIIMS. The doctors have given him an advice to sleep on a single pillow to keep his spine on a single line and parallel to the mattress.

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