Saturday, February 3, 2007

Kumaraswamy completes 1 year in office, people say excellent job

The young Chief Minister of Karnataka, H D Kumaraswamy has completed one year in office that can be termed an eventful year for the ruling coalition. One year ago, Kumaraswamy had got the power in a dramatic political coup with the support of BJP.

The best part of the story is that the majority of the people in state feel Kumaraswamy has done an excellent job. It seems the young chief minister has managed to hit the right chord of public nerve by his extra-ordinary vision and work.

Kumaraswamy said about Karnataka in a poetic way as Karnataka is a garden of peace, which attracts people of religions such as Hindus, Muslims and Christians. He looks back to the last 365 days with a greater sense of satisfaction.

He said on completion of one year of his government;

The government is not being controlled by any individual but by the 500 crore people of the state. The government has announced many developmental works to improve infrastructure.

We are on the way to meet the expectations of the peoples' demand. I have also given top priority to reduce the gap between urban and rural population in the state.

However, the last one-year could not be termed as completely peaceful for the CM and his coalition government. The internal problem in the ruling party on the question of taking support of BJP, allegations of land grabbing and corruption in awarding mining leases, Kumaraswamy saved his government from all dangers.

Kumaraswamy, on the coalition with BJP, said:

We are ideologically different parties. We formed this government by deciding to work together.

We are implementing a common minimum program with mutual understanding and providing good governance to the people of the state.

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