Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Budhdha says sorry, scraps Nandigram Chemical hub, Mamta asks to resign

Finally, CPM takes its feet back on the issue of SEZ in Nandigram. They took this decision after the killing of 14 people On March 14. West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has announced the West Bengal government has scrapped the plan to establish a chemical hub in Nandigram.

Moreover, he owned responsibility for the faults of his government. However, the Trinamool Congress has asked him to resign from his office.

He said:

I own up responsibility for the lapses in Nandigram on behalf of the state government. I don't want any more deaths, irrespective of party affiliations of people. However he added also that the chemical hub could have changed the economy of the area.

He said further that there should be no further clashes and scene of carnage for the sake of industry in the state. The government wants development and industrialization of the state on the basis of our success in agriculture.

However, Mamta has put forward another question. She asked:

If anyone indulges in killing and says sorry, can the person be excused? If he really owned up responsibility and has minimum respect for democracy, he should step down.


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