Friday, March 23, 2007

Face of Developmental Terrorism in India: Budhdha smiles on Bengal Burning

In India, the farmers are being the worst victim of Indian economic growth. Till now they were committing suicides in different part of the country because of poverty and now they are being killed by the government in the name of industrial development on the farming lands.

Is this the democracy for what our former leaders had fought with British rule? This is all happening in the name of creating Special Economic Zones (SEZs) now. But, if we see the government’s policies of taking lands from farmers in the name of SEZs, you will find it nothing but the rising of a new kind of terrorism in India ie. Developmental Terrorism.

The poor farmers and land owners are being the victim of the ongoing developmental terrorism in the country in the name of SEZs. On March 14, Nandigram was burning, villagers wer being killed and the CM of Bengal Bhudhdhadeb Bhattacharjee was maintaining silence on the issue.

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