Wednesday, July 11, 2007

7/11 Serial Blast:: Son fighting battle for life with mother's support

He is the man, Parag Sawant, who is in coma since past one year. He is the man whois still feeling the trauma of 7/11 serial blast in Mumbai local trains. He had boarded the ill-fated local train to go for the first day of his job.

But, his destiny sent him in hospital. He suffered severe brain damage, and has been in a coma ever since in that blast in which 188 people were killed in hun
In July 2006, Parag’s wife Priti was five months pregnant, and she has a 9-month-old daughter now, Prachiti. Just 12 days back, Priti was given the post of a clerk in Western Railways. According to Dr Gustad Davar, the director of medical services at Hinduja Hospital, the Western Railways has spent Rs 18 lakh on Parag’s treatment till date.

One can feel the trauma in the eyes of Parag's mother, Madhuri Sawant, who is a great support for his son. Her presence by parag's side at bed No. 5 in the hospital is a great example of motherhood.


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