Monday, July 2, 2007

Indian Doc detained in Australia for terror plot

On Tuesday, Australian Prime Minister John Howard told media persons during a press conference in Canberra that an Indian doctor has been arrested in Queensland and police is questioning another physician in connection with the foiled terror attacks in London and Glasgow.

He told media people that the detained first person was an Indian national and he had come to Australia sponsored by the Queensland (state) health department.

Earlier, Attorney General Philip Ruddock, said that the 27-year-old Indian doctor was working as a registrar at the Gold Coast hospital in Queensland.

The counter-terrorism police arrested him at Brisbane International Airport last night. He was trying to board a flight with one-way ticket. This is being said that the Indian doctor was on the way to India via Kuala Lumpur without giving resignation from his present job at the Gold Coast Hospital.
However, Philip said that no charges have been filed yet against him. According to the report, the Indian doctor was recruited by the hospital in September 2006, when had applied through an advertisement in the British Medical Journal.

Now, the Australian police have detained him along with another and they are being questioned over the foiled terror attacks in London and Glasgow. Till now, eight people, including at least three doctors, have been arrested in the connection with the failed terror attacks in Britain.

On Friday, two car bombs failed to explode in central London and two men had collided a Jeep Cherokee, which was loaded with gas cylinders, into the entrance of Glasgow International Airport.


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