Monday, July 2, 2007

Patil not in favor to blame Pak every time

Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil, just before the home secretary-level talks between India and Pakistan, has said that India should not blame Pakistan for every wrong thing whatever it is… increase in infiltration or spurt in violence here.

With this statement, patil tried to give Pakistan an escape route, particularly on infiltration in valley. According to the report, the cases of infiltration have gone up in comparison with last year in Jammu and Kashmir.

Patil said on the growing number of cases of infiltration from across the border that India is not in the process of blame game with Pakistan. India and Pakistan should try to understand and complement each other.

The Interior secretary Syed Kamal Shah would led the delegation with other Pakistani officials such as director-general (South Asia) Aizaz Ahmed and director (India) Zaheer Janjua. Home secretary Madhukar Gupta will lead the Indian delegation in the talks. .

Now, Patil’s statement has put the Indian delegation in awkward situation. India is ready to express its deep concern over the increasing number of infiltration in the valley with Pakistani delegation in this high-level talk.

Patil’s remarks has given the indication that India is on the line to accept Pakistan’s repudiation that Pakistani government is completely unaware of the well-trained jehadis using Pakistani territory to run terror campaign against India.


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